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Lean, mean, and stick-in-your-head catchy, Dave Goddess Group hits a new high note with their new 5-song EP, Beautiful World. Hooky, slashing guitars drive a bass and drum freight train through the go-for-broke title track. And they're just getting started. Other highlights – House of Mirrors' fuzz guitar/flute duel, Way Back When's catchy, twisted lyrics, and UR What UR's nuvo-Zep rhythm section. Check it out.

— Maynard Johnson, RockZone

Don't miss Beautiful World by the Dave Goddess Group. Great songs, stripped down production, and guitars galore. The Dave Goddess Group is an endangered species—a 21st century rock band that has something interesting to say. When Goddess wails, "Screw it, let's do it, let's run away." I want to come along for the ride.

— Trevor T. Lister, Underground Railroad

Way Back When


or Something New - Dave Goddess Group


  1. beautiful world
  2. way back when
  3. house of mirrors
  4. ur what ur
  5. don't say the party's over


2. way back when
© 2016 by david goddess

a square kid in a round world
i needed just a little shove
the hill was steep, the brakes were shot
but i almost pulled it off
the road of least resistance
was nothin’ but a roundabout

way back when i had a plan
but it never really did work out
’cause now i wanna be what i was
when i wanted to be what i am now

big city, black sky
i was empty as my pockets
white line fever, fuel for the grind
game your system and take it to market
self-medicated and post desired
use by dated and nearly expired


maybe i’m a just a dreamer
but it don’t make much sense
when the grass ain’t even greener
on the other side of the fence

so far gone, so far to go
i marked the road back with scraps of notes
but the wind kicked up and blew ’em all away
now i’m not sure which way is home
it just too bad i never saw
the spraypaint on the wall