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Now lets head to NYC where there is an exciting rock band The Dave Goddess Group who are on the rise. I have their 'Blown Away' EP here and when I listen it makes me want to go out and drink and listen to live music. "One Man's Passion" is a song that speaks to me; you must hear it.

— Stoli, Scope Magazine

If you love some of the roots of great rock music, you're gonna dig our latest feature, the Dave Goddess Group. Goddess relies on the good stuff to stand out: dedicated songwriting and musicianship, big guitars and classic influence.

— Richie Frieman, Pens Eye View

Blown Away


or Something New - Dave Goddess Group


1. blown away
2. one man's passion
3. fall from grace
4. common ground


3. fall from grace
©2014 by david goddess

well, i may be a little worse for the wear
damaged goods in need of repair
i’m a man of little faith, but you’re preachin’ to the choir
when you say we’ve got to face our demons and desires.

let me be by your side
when you fall from grace
come along for the ride
to your darkest place
and when you bite that apple
can i have a taste
let me, let me

when a single tear rolls down your cheek
when you feel your fear, when your will is weak
i will knock on your door. i will whisper your name
and i will be sure you’ll never forget me


well you say that you will
and your say that you won’t
and i’m damned if i do
and i’m damned if i don’t