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It's about time people dare to reach back to their roots and do what they do best. What is it writers always say…"Write about what you know?" Well Dave here knows what he does best, and hits it out of the park. His deep, rustic vocals are reminiscent to a time of yore, a time of well-written music with a focus on the craft of songwriting. Don't remember those days? Me either. But the Dave Goddess Group is here to remind you.

True musicianship, great production will be all you need to remember what it is to listen to good…damn…music. It's poppy, it's dark. It's happy, it's intellectual. It's…well…a must-listen.

— Backstage

Something New


or Something New - Dave Goddess Group


1. something new
2. call of the wild
3. sweet miss understanding
4. lucky guy
5. it's about love
6. the first lie
7. love over blue
8. wild and willing
9. better man
10. love is a mirror
11. can't fight sittin' down
12. i can dream


3. sweet miss understanding
(© d. goddess)

she came when i needed her most
stayed 'til i needed her less
an answer to a random prayer
she saved me then i guess
a thousand disagreements
i tried to make her pay
for giving me my freedom
and taking it away

sweet miss understanding
so frustrated
who could see the end would be
bittersweet and complicated

she plays a song from years ago
it robs me of my will
it makes me wonder anymore
if i've a need to fill
the shades are pulled a candle lit
the pattern set so long ago
she has her reasons i have mine
they're not the same i told her so


if it was love it was
if it is love it is
but who's to say when no one knows
the meaning of all this

i never see the clothes she wears
her jewelry a change of hair
i blame her then i blame myself
i'm with her then i'm somewhere else
she'd like to have a promise
but that's impossible
she'd like to have a song about her
now at least she will


it will not be what we thought it would be
but it will be something else
learn to know learn to be learn to love
something else