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It's about time people dare to reach back to their roots and do what they do best. What is it writers always say…"Write about what you know?" Well Dave here knows what he does best, and hits it out of the park. His deep, rustic vocals are reminiscent to a time of yore, a time of well-written music with a focus on the craft of songwriting. Don't remember those days? Me either. But the Dave Goddess Group is here to remind you.

True musicianship, great production will be all you need to remember what it is to listen to good…damn…music. It's poppy, it's dark. It's happy, it's intellectual. It's…well…a must-listen.

— Backstage

Something New


or Something New - Dave Goddess Group


1. something new
2. call of the wild
3. sweet miss understanding
4. lucky guy
5. it's about love
6. the first lie
7. love over blue
8. wild and willing
9. better man
10. love is a mirror
11. can't fight sittin' down
12. i can dream


12. i can dream
(© d. goddess)

silly me to carry a torch so long
swept away by a labor of love so strong
say i'm lost say i'm a liar
go ahead and criticize you'll just add fuel to my fire

'cause i won't take no for an answer
if i'm wrong i don't wanna be right
i can dream can't i
i can dream can't i

people say that a man's gotta make his mark
when it's time they don't know where to start
what are they afraid of
me i wanna show 'em all what i'm made of


and it's a lonely business
this long time obsession
this waiting game
'cause the day of the dreamer is always tomorrow
and the moment of truth is surely more
more than a moment away

if you miss me you know i'm not hard to find
look me up i'll be on cloud nine
now and forever
'cause it's better late than never